Exceeding Expectations

One saying that I come across often is “We strive to exceed customer expectations”. A lot of companies say it – and I find it to be a bit odd. What exactly are you trying to tell the customer about your product or service if your goal is to exceed expectations??

I know what to expect from an iPod when I buy it, or how I will be treated when I fly with JetBlue. If I dont know exactly what to expect from your product, then you need to work on getting your message across clearly. If your goal is lower expectations so customers will be wowed – then you’re doing your product a disservice since you aren’t playing on its strengths.

Most companies say ‘exceed expectations’ because that is what they believe people want to hear. Instead, it comes across as noise. In fact, I will say that your company is boring and will most likely end up disappointing me.

Dont be afraid to tell customers exactly what you do, how you’re going to do it, and what they should expect by choosing you. Be different. Stand out. Know exactly where you’re going. If you want to exceed expectations, show your customers that your company is built on solid foundations that you stick to and deliver.


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